Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic is one of the most visited places in the world. It has its own unique charm shrouded in myths and legends and a tremendous history. Prague is, of course, also a strong economic centre. You can find a wide range of domestic and international institutions and representations of major worldwide companies here. ŠKODA AUTO is represented in Prague by two major branches.

ŠKODA AUTO Czech Republic

This is where marketing and sales, after-sales service and also development of the sales network for the whole Czech Republic are managed. Our offices are located in the BB Centre in Prague 4, just a few minutes away from the town centre via public transportation. The unforgettable Vyšehrad, and Nuselský Bridge are in the neighborhood, and Baar Park and Brumlovka will really help you relax.

ŠKODA AUTO Holešovice

Our centre for international marketing provides communication for the majority of the markets in which we operate. Prague’s Holešovice district is located near the city centre. From Vltavská metro station, you can reach, for example, Wenceslas Square in 6 minutes. You can admire the beauty of the Old Town after a mere 20 minutes on a tram, and from the nearby Letná park you can take a walk to Prague Castle.

From Prague to Mladá Boleslav and back

Transportation between the Prague branches and Mladá Boleslav is excellent. Both branches have highway access for cars and are located only 50 minutes away from your destination, Mladá Boleslav.

Get to know Prague