27th January 2017

From Trainee Diary: Trip to Chemnitz

5.00 AM: The alarm is ringing…ringing…and ringing.

5.30 AM: The alarm is still ringing in my head and I have to meet 20 other half sleeping Skoda Trainees in front of the never sleeping SKODA AUTO plant in Mladá Boleslav.

6.00 AM: Last Check In for Trainees who live in Prague. The boarding is now complete. Or is it just a dream…I am not sure…I am tired.

9.00 AM: Arrival to Chemnitz. Our destination for today is the Volkswagen Sachsen engine plant. After 3,5 hours driving the mood is really good. Neither complaining, snoring, shouting nor arguing. This is real team spirit.

9.00-12.00 AM: We get an impressive overview about one of the most modern engine production plants in the world. The biggest difference comparing to our SKODA AUTO engine production is the level of automatization. As a result, we can definitely bring back with us as new inputs to Mladá Boleslav.

12.00 AM: Lunch. Forget everything you have heard about German food, that they eat only sausages. That’s not true. The lunch was extremely delicious, so also in this case we can bring back new inputs to Mladá Boleslav ;)

3.00 PM: After lunch, we will check some interesting Logistic Projects and the Pilot Hall.

Finally. Thank you Volkswagen Sachsen for the great day. We are really satisfied for what we have seen in this plant.

5.00 PM: We are still in Chemnitz. I can smell a mix of hot wine, candies, Christmas cookies and chocolate. Of course we can’t leave Chemnitz without visiting one of the best Christmas markets in Germany. Now we can get back to Mladá Boleslav with full pouch and we have a lot of things to say and deliver ;-)

8.30 PM: Finally back at home. It was a great day with amazing people and a many new impressions. This is Skoda Trainee’s lifestyle …but now I am tired. Goodnight.

Christian Karl, Trainee – Production planning



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