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14Th September 2017


We have done a series of interviews called “ŠKODA Employees Introduce Themselves”. We talked to one of our colleagues from the Production in Mladá Boleslav. Lukáš Miler is the Team Coordinator for assembly of OCTAVIA and KAROQ. He works on the assembly line, more precisely – the assembly of aggregates. He makes sure that the operation of Production and team is sufficient, so the line doesn’t stop, and cars pass without defects.

How long have you been working in ŠKODA AUTO, and why did you decide to work for us?

I joined ŠKODA in 2010, straight after school. It was seven years ago. I am local, so I was sure where I want to go after school. ŠKODA AUTO offers both a reliable job opportunity and a high income. That is something, even young people can get, at the beginning of their lives.

ŠKODA AUTO offers a wide range of employee benefits. Do you use any of them?

I must admit that I do not know all the benefits. What I appreciate the most are financial benefits, especially 13th salary and annual bonuses. Not every company provides these benefits. I also use canteen catering every day, nowhere else I could eat that cheap.

Do you have any career plans within ŠKODA AUTO?

I am satisfied with my job, and I´m not considering another position. However, if I had an opportunity in the future of potential professional growth, I would appreciate it.

At which position did you start?

I started as a Manufacturing Operator of an Assembly Worker. Gradually, I functioned as a Representative of the Team Coordinator. Therefore, the transition to my current position wasn’t such a big deal, and I adjusted very quickly. Moreover, I wanted this position. 

What does your current position include?

I am the Assembly Line Coordinator. I mainly look after the section of the aggregate assembly. I make sure that the production and team are sufficient, that the line doesn't stop, and cars come out without defects.

My responsibility is to prevent every possible downtime and complication. I must know all the activities in our sector, so I can take over every job of every member of our team in case he or she needed to leave, or if there is a problem. Simultaneously, I must deal with all the work agenda between superiors and team members.

What do you like about your job?

My job requires a particular set of skills. It takes some time before a newcomer learns everything and is fully adapted. We work with important vehicle elements, and we must do our job well. That is the reason why my work fulfils me. The most important thing is the team and the attitude of superiors. We go on very well.

Are you satisfied with your working environment?

I have been working with most of my colleagues for seven years. I am fully satisfied with the collective, and any conflict is resolved without a problem. I am surrounded by a group of people that I like and can go out for a beer after work.

How do you handle shift work?

I got used to it quite quickly. Only the first few night shifts were a bit challenging. I don´t mind shift work. On the contrary, it suits me. Plus, it is a lot easier if you have great people around.

Have you ever wondered how the Assembly/ Production will look like in 20 years?

I have never thought about that. Since you´ve asked, I think, considering the current trend, that the Production will be more automatic and faster at the same time. Due to ever-increasing demands placed on our company, I believe that people will still be needed.

You work in ŠKODA. Do you own a ŠKODA car?

No, I don’t (laughter). Currently, I do own Audi, so I am at least faithful to the Group brands. If I had to choose a model, I would be interested in OCTAVIA RS or new SUPERB. The new KAROQ model is also very interesting. Starting new year, it should go through our production hall. 

How do you relax after work?

I am not the type of person that would relax passively, and I prefer active rest. What I enjoy after work is to sit outside in a café and have a cup of coffee. I also play football during the week and have the training. I play matches on weekends.

Who did you want to be as a child?

I think I had a classic boy´s dream. I wanted to be a garbage man (laughter), and I don’t know why. I liked the idea of driving in the back of the garbage truck. I think I abandoned this idea quite soon.


Would you like to become Lukáš´s colleague? Check the list of job vacancies in production in Mladá Boleslav.  

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