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10Th October 2017

Trainee’s day with the TERIBEAR

The sun is shining bright up in the sky on a nice September morning. The clean fresh forest oxygen is streaming through your lungs. You breeze freely making a move, another move, your muscles are tightening as you lose yourself into run.

Could anything bring you a better feeling of fit and joy? Yes, if this is a charity run helping children in need to get what they lack of. May anything make you feel even better? Yes! If you are a Skoda Trainee in the core of this run organizing and you are assisting people to act for joy and happiness of others.

Putting the elements of happiness together we combine a TERIBEAR Run Mlada Boleslav – a charity sports event organized by Tereza Maxova Children Foundation and dedicated to everyone who wants to help abandoned children in the Czech Republic. The idea was smart and simple: come to have a good time, move around Štěpánka forest park on a track with a special chip on your leg and raise 20kc for each kilometer you leave behind. The key event partner – ŠKODA AUTO – donates the funds totaling to all participants’ efforts to the social care establishments (in 2017 it was Children center at Klaudiánova Hospital in Mladá Boleslav and the Children home Vrchlabí.

A minute by minute:

Our TERIBEAR morning started at 8AM. We arrived to the Štěpánka Park full of expectations about the big social activity we are taking a major part in. The construction and the coordination were already running very intensively, so we joined and gave a help where needed. In the meanwhile, the DJ set got established and the best hits started to fill the air, raising the mood of all the organizing team. By 10 AM we were ready at our positions and even managed to optimize the bill stamping process with the ideas we had gathered during the production experience and the lean office training (simply clever in everything!).

The atmosphere of the event was wonderful – the DJ music, the nice weather, the speeches of the ceremony master, the bright diverse people of all ages smiling at you, the professional and friendly team mates and the joy of sport – everything was making your heart beat faster and good vibes were flying all over the venue. During the day in the less occupied moments we, the Trainees, also got a chance to run and make some charity circles, making our contribution to the charity funds.

From around 18:00 the ceremony master was calling for active engagement – the raised funds were overpassing the record number of 430 000 kc, and the challenge was if we are all going to get even closer to 500000 kc. Half an hour later the registration closed and we started to calculate the total raised.

Magnificent ending

The divine moment – the award winners’ congratulation – came right after. The most productive runners were awarded in four categories: men runners, women runners, kids runners and Skoda company runners. All champions were gifted with nice presents from Skoda such as a free weekend Kodiaq rental or a family visit to the Skoda museum. The final amazing gesture making everyone feel important was made by the Skoda who rounded the total to 500’000kc.

We were coming home tired but fully loaded with joy and fun, energized and looking forward to the next events we will arrange and organize. Sharing the bright experiences from the day, it became clear for us that working simply together in our nice and talented Trainee gang is a pure pleasure.


Sergei, Trainee – Global Communication, Content and Strategy


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