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18Th December 2017

Humans of ŠKODA: Selma Kunosic, central electronic and KESSY system developer

ŠKODA AUTO is an international company not only in terms of global markets but also for its employee base. Selma Kunosic, who comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a great example of this. Selma has been living in the Czech Republic for several years, and has now joined the ranks of our Trainees. The following describes Selma’s experiences on the Trainee Programme, her perceptions of our country and her plans for the future.

Hi Selma. To begin with, please tell us why you decided to study, work and live in the Czech Republic

Well, it was at the summer school in Oslo, Norway – that was the moment I actually decided to study abroad. Later on, I discovered that there are fantastic scholarship opportunities available for students of bachelor´s as well as master´s programmes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, so in 2014 I decided to go to Liberec where I started to study on the follow-up master´s programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Do you think it was hard to get into the Trainee Programme?

When I realise how many people apply for each interview date, I have to admit that I am delighted to have been accepted in the Trainee Programme. I think that successful applicants need to be hardworking and put in a lot of effort, they have to be in the right place at the right time and, of course, they also need a bit of luck. There are very few differences among those who proceed to the Assessment Centre, and the smallest details can decide whether or not you will get into the programme.

Would you recommend the Trainee Programme to other international students, as well? What advice would you give them?

Not only to international students. In fact, I would recommend it to all students who have the opportunity to try out something like this. All students of the Trainee Programme will be guaranteed the great symbiosis of opportunities, knowledge, development and entertainment. It is fantastic to see how much the Trainee Programme can offer and how much we can benefit from it. Actually, as a foreigner, having the opportunity to work for ŠKODA AUTO is a dream. This dream, however, can be achieved. So, my recommendation to all students would be: never stop pursuing the “impossible” because what appears to be unreachable today can be driving the KODIAQ around the city tomorrow.

In your opinion, what is the greatest additional benefit of the Trainee Programme?

In addition to experience, knowledge and the contacts you probably would not be able to acquire elsewhere, the Trainee Programme enables you to form lifelong friendships with great people from ŠKODA AUTO. In just one year, you will make huge progress in your professional as well as personal development. To put it simply, you will grow.

How many rotations have you been through and which one did you enjoy the most?

I have been through 5 rotations in total, including my foreign rotation in Wolfsburg. Each of them I truly enjoyed because in each department I was able to learn a lot. Besides learning I am really grateful to people I have met on the way, many of them became my really good friends. Biggest part of my Trainee program is connected to development of electronics. I have to say that trainees are really welcomed in all departments of the Body and On-Board Electric Network Development, and they also get full support from the head of the whole department.

Do you own a ŠKODA? Which car from the ŠKODA AUTO range do you like most?

Unfortunately, I still do not have my own, but I had the opportunity to drive nearly all our models. My favourite, which meets all my requirements as to the size, design and engine performance, is the ŠKODA RAPID Monte Carlo. Soon, I hope that I will be able to enjoy it when driving around the Czech Republic.

What are your future plans? Are you going to stay in the Czech Republic and work for ŠKODA AUTO?

I would like to continue working for ŠKODA in the following couple of years. You see, the automotive industry is one of the most exciting branches which is developing extremely fast. Also, I am really enjoying the work we do in the Technical Development, and I think there is still a lot I can learn. Some say that competition never sleeps, so, for me, our work is a bit like a race, and we all know that history mainly remembers the winners.

What is your favourite place both in the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina?

It is quite hard to choose one specific place in the Czech Republic, but it would probably be the roof of a student dormitory in Liberec with its fantastic view of the lake, surrounding nature and Ještěd. When I was a student, I used to spend a lot of time there studying and chatting with my friends. And my favourite place in Bosnia and Herzegovina? It is definitely Tuzla, the town I grew up in. Tuzla is my home thanks to its beautiful nature, three lakes right in the town centre and, above all, thanks to my family and friends who live there. I associate my favourite places mainly with the people I meet there and spend my time with. They are the ones who make the places beautiful.

We know that one of your hobbies is dancing so we have to ask if you have been to the Trainee Ball? What was it like?

I think I can definitely say that the Trainee Ball ranks among the top Trainee social activities of the whole year. I went to the ball, and it was terrific. If you combine a good cause, great entertainment, your colleagues and friends, then it is always a pleasure to participate in such an event.


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