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8Th January 2018

Trainees on the silver screen

It was Thursday, early morning, the Sun was just starting its advance towards west, but no one seemed to care much about the cold. As you can imagine, September mornings tend, at least in Mladá Boleslav, to be fairly chilly, but at that time in the morning, people seemed okay with having cold aiding with the slow waking up process. Moreover, seeing the Sun on early September morning pretty much says that the day is going to be nicely warm.

Everyone from the team met in front of the dorms and we were slowly moving towards our meeting point, where we were supposed to meet our ride to the place where the teambuilding was. We already knew what was roughly going to happen, as we were preparing for the team building for the whole preceding week. The game was set, we had everything ready and planned, a goal in mind and records to break.

The theme of the team building was movie making. No, we did not just sit around and discuss it or anything like that, instead, we assumed roles of a real filming crew. I became the director of the movie, having a camera crew, clapper, producers even an assistant and a catering team, all manned by my colleagues. The script, which we have had prepared during preceding week was solid and consisted of eleven scenes where two colleagues had to go on a trip together, having some funny moments on the way, all based around exaggerated problems and the different approaches they took. See, one of the colleagues, portrayed by one of the trainees, was presented as a young rake that would try to solve most of the problems using his smartphone and showing certain amount of disrespect to his older colleague, portrayed by a professional actor that had wits and wisdom but looked down on the younger one for his impish pose.

During filming, we had lots of fun, the weather was good, mood as well, and catering kept a steady supply of sweet cakes and hot coffee. The acting of both our stars, and of all supporting ‘actors’, was hilarious to watch in person. Needless to say, the premiere of our masterpiece the next day had me laughing constantly.

With the movie being amazing and teamwork too, there was a message drawn from the event. The name of the project was ‘The Wall’, meaning a metaphorical wall that we might build between us and other colleagues. The movie we made tried to draw an imaginary wall between the two based on their generations’ trades. In the outcome of the movie, both heroes learned to cooperate and by using different strong points of both, they overcame initial distrust and became friends. The lesson here is not only for older and younger colleagues to learn, but for everyone, everywhere. We tend to build walls between each other for variety of reason, and only by tearing such walls down, we can work together and use each other’s strong points.

Vilém – Trainee; Education


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