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23Rd April 2018

Trainee Guide: How to Survive Assesment Centre

Are you interested in the Trainee experience, but have a fear of attending the Assessment Centre (AC)?

Do not worry; you are not the only one. Most of us, current trainees, have also experienced this feeling before, but now we are successfully working at ŠKODA.

How did we handle stress? Was it extremely hard? Is AC different to other job interviews?

With an idea to support future trainees, we got together and prepared this guide of TOP-10 surviving tips for you to make it through the selection procedure:

1. Be yourself

We know that you think about it as a lame advice now. However, you have to trust our experience; it is a very crucial thing at the interview. Therefore, you need to take it seriously. It is very important to be as REAL, as you are! There is no need to pretend to be a different (better) person.

2. Be a proactive TEAM player

Keep in mind that AC is not a typical interview where you need to fight for your place. Of course, you should be proactive, but do not consider other candidates as your rivals. Instead, you should cooperate with them. If there is any competition, it is only between you and your stress.

3. Do not be afraid to fail

It is very easy to say, but hard to do? We know. Just imagine that it is an interview, nothing more. In any case, you will enhance your personal and professional skills.

4. Attend the pub meeting with trainees and other candidates before AC

It is a MUST! Do not think that it is just going for drinks and nothing serious will happen there. Indeed, it is a great chance for you to meet experienced trainees and find out more details about the program. It is also equally important for you to get to know other candidates because it will help you to cooperate better the next day at AC. As you are going to discover yourself soon, network is everything at ŠKODA.

5. Make a short research about ŠKODA / trends in the automotive industry

Although formally special preparation is not mandatory, we would still suggest you to read about ŠKODA and its products to be well informed. A quick look at the trends in the automotive will be also helpful.

6. Prepare yourself for pitching

Try to concentrate on refining your argumentation rather than putting things to paper. Do not panic, if you are wrong in your judgments. When the interviewer is questioning your point of view, just seek to prove that your “unrealistic” idea is logical and has a right to exist.

7. Go step-by-step

There could be a situation where you feel a bit lost in your tasks. Do not try to cover all of them at once. Choose one, put all your attention there, solve it and move to the next one!

8. Watch the time

There are tasks designed to put you under pressure, still, make sure you finish them on time. Think about your tactics. It may be beneficial for you to think about the time techniques beforehand as starting with a simpler task, setting a timer or activating your brainstorming superpower when necessary.

9. Think big and show what you got

It is a unique opportunity for you to express yourself. You should use everything you know from your academic and professional experience as your advantage. Imagine being a CEO of an automotive company that presents his idea in front of the board members. How would you convince them in the value of your idea?

10. Try to enjoy it!

Even though AC could be very challenging, try to feel about it as a priceless experience anyway. Where else will you have an opportunity to present your ideas and meet with dedicated experts that provide you a valuable feedback for your future career right after AC?

We wish you the best of luck and hope that you will successfully pass the AC!


Your Trainees!


Aleksei Lapenko, Trainee, HR Marketing


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