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10Th December 2020


Despite the fact that a big part of this year has been heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the activities that make the ŠKODA Trainee Program so unique are still taking place. They have been smoothly moved from the offline to the online world. Thanks to that, Trainees don’t miss out on many of the networking and other popular Trainee activities.

One great example is the Trainee Rounds; regular monthly meetings of Trainees, that has already happened twice in online form. Trainees had, for example, a chance to virtually visit selected marketing departments and learn about User Experience Testing, Corporate Identity and Global Brand Strategy, or to have a view into the Product Innovation Department, or the Exterior Design Department.


Martin Pavlík, Trainee organizing October Trainee Rounds says: “Since we wanted to bring our Trainees the best possible Trainee Round, we have decided to organize a couple of meetings in Prague to show them our Digital Showroom Experience Center as well as our modern facilities in the Visionary building. Unfortunately, due to the current global state, we were forced to cancel our plans for in-person tours and meetings. This of course did not stop us. The whole event was transformed into an online version and I was super happy that our colleagues from Marketing and User Experience joined us and presented their work virtually. I must say that the outcomes were more than satisfying and we managed to have a nice time from behind the screens in our homes.”

Although it’s not always possible to organize all standard off-the-job activities due to their character, Trainees don’t stop looking for new ways to engage in their community and are even coming up with completely new events that can be organized digitally. Just like the International Evening, an event focused on international employees of ŠKODA AUTO.


Álvaro Planes Rodríguez, a Trainee organizing International Evenings, comments: “During the International Evening, we usually invite some foreign employees of ŠKODA to present their country from the cultural point of view – talking about traditions, food etc. Due to its character, the event can stay the same even in online form. The advantage of an online event is that more people can participate because we are not limited by physical space. The atmosphere during our last online International Evening was really nice, people showed real interest in the topic and were even asking the guests many questions.”

“Regarding organization, I have to say that an online event is much easier to organize. When preparing a physical event, you need to book the place, arrange refreshments and so on. But when you are organizing a virtual event, you don’t need to do any of that, you just prepare the program, send a calendar blocker to all the participants and that’s it. On the other hand, with an online event come many challenges, for example when the internet connection is bad, presentations are not loading properly or when the microphones of our guests are not working,” explains Álvaro.


And what is it like for the new Trainees to start working at ŠKODA during a global pandemic?

Tereza Lukůvková, a Trainee who joined the program in October 2020, says: “Even though I would prefer personal contact with my new colleagues, I have to say that taking into account the current situation, they have integrated me into their team very quickly. In only a few days, I was able to understand what the activities of my department are and therefore, I could almost immediately take part and help with many of them. It has been a great experience to see how the team can still work effectively in the online world when everyone is working remotely.”



You don’t have to be worried that you will miss out on any of the usual Trainee activities due to the pandemic. Do you want to know more? Don’t hesitate to join us!


Tereza Lukůvková – Trainee, Innovation Management



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