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Get a foothold on the labour market as technical professionals

The key to long-term success is technological progress and innovation. In this field, it is qualified experts who are irreplaceable, and these are produced in universities. ŠKODA AUTO is fully aware of this and we aim to support both universities and students in all the ways we can.

Methods of student and university support

Science, research and innovation

We support universities through financial grants for projects focused on improvingtechnical teaching and by donating teaching aids. These include individual vehicleparts, whole cars and also machines and equipment. At the same time, we invest tens of millions of Czech crowns each year in projects involving innovation in technicaldevelopment and vehicle manufacture, in which our experts collaborate both withacademic employees, and above all the students themselves.

Excursions and lectures

Through lectures at ŠKODA AUTO or at universities, we are boosting theoreticalteaching and expanding students’ expertise. We can also create a lecture block which can become a direct part of a university’s syllabus as an accredited subject. Anotherform of support is excursions, which are arranged both at a general and specialistlevel.

Seminars and training

We hold one-day and multiple day training sessions and seminars directly at ŠKODA AUTO.These focus on training soft skills such as making presentations, selling yourself, salesskills, working in a team, feedback and more, as well as on technology. Our multiple daytraining sessions include our very popular test drives in ŠKODA vehicles.

Supported projects

Formula Student

A prestigious competition held for European university teams in the construction of their own formula style racing cars. ŠKODA AUTO is a partner to the CTU CarTech team of the CTU in Prague’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the TU Brno Racing team of the Brno University of Technology, and the eForce Prague Formula team of the CTU’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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The IAESTE organisation gives students and graduates the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience through international placements, thus helping them to gain a better position for entering the labour market.

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A study program in which companies give students business projects, hold skills seminars, selection and assessment centres, specialist lectures, excursions and other activities. The follow-up CEMS masters subject is taught solely in English and is accredited by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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This organisation arranges participation in international academic courses, engineering competitions and other educational events across Europe for Brno University of Technology students. It includes the EBEC engineering competition, in which ŠKODA AUTO is the Mechanical Engineering Faculty’s traditional partner.

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Collaborating universities and colleges

Not sure where to go? ŠKODA AUTO supports many universities and colleges across the Czech Republic. The objective of our engagement is to bring study content closer to industry and practice. We provide various forms of support, from financial donations for research, development and facilities and the donation of specific teaching materials – cars, engines and transmissions – to providing experts from industry to take part in teaching, to the following institutions.


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