Trainee program

Start your career

Become a ŠKODA Trainee and learn first hand how one of the most modern factories in the Czech Republic operates. As part of our one-year program, you will go through various departments, a foreign internship, and you can also work in our dealer network. Any recent graduate with a master’s degree can sign up.

Program course

You’re a graduate!
You have your diploma in your pocket and are looking forward to new adventures!
Production experience
After proper training, you’ll dive head first into manufacturing and make, for example, a new ŠKODA FABIA.
Job rotation in target department
You will start your Trainee Program in your dream department.
Job rotation outside target department
It is always important to gain new experiences, so you’ll get a look at other departments.
Foreign internship
After 3 months, you will head out to work on projects with colleagues at Volkswagen, Audi, or even, perhaps, Porsche!
Dealership network experience
You already know how to build a car, now you get to try to sell one during your internship at one of our dealers.
This is the start of your career
Since you became one of us you have experienced an amazing year, thoroughly explored ŠKODA AUTO and revealed what you excel at. Now it is the right time to set the ball rolling at full throttle!

What is waiting for you

  • Mentoring and support from our specialists
  • Several rotations at ŠKODA AUTO
  • International assignment at VW GROUP
  • Tailored development and training plan
  • Year full of learning, experiences and new friends
  • Salary exceeding standards and lots of advantages on top of it

What do you need to know, have and be able to do

  • Completed master’s degree at the start, maximum 1 – 2 years after graduation
  • English language at advanced level, German language is an advantage
  • Work or study experience abroad, or internship during your studies

What can you look forward to?


Like a satellite in the orbit

You will have the unique opportunity to gain insight to several departments. You will explore and discover, but above all, you will get to know how it works in our company by engaging in various projects. After that, you will understand much more precisely what you enjoy most.

International assignments

You will travel through some part of the world!

You will pack your things and go abroad for a couple of months. Where? We will agree on this together. However, you’re most likely to go to one of our strategic plants in China, Russia, India or Germany. You will gain priceless experience as well as international contacts.


It’s all about people

We might seem to be a big and complex company, but the more people you get to know, the easier it will be for you. The Trainee Program will help you meet a lot of interesting employees and make friends as well as learn about important things that you need in order to fit into the team.

Off-the-job activities

You will have a lot of memories!

You and other trainees will organise joint workshops and cooperate on events under the flag of ŠKODA AUTO: dancing at the traditional Trainee Ball, sharing your experience with university students at job fairs and taking part in plenty of interesting tours, voluntary projects and many more.

Decide about your own future

Pick one of the 12 specialisations of our Trainee Program and become part of ŠKODA AUTO
Marketing and Sales
Are you enthusiastic about Marketing and Sales? Join us and work on Advertisement, Brand Strategy, Experience Marketing, Product Marketing, Online Marketing or Sales of cars all over the world.
Robotisation? Production of cars or components? Industrial engineering? Production planning? Find your place in the fast developing department of production. Plan, coordinate and experience the creation of every single car!
Research and Development
Be part of the only car maker with both production and development in the Czech Republic. While enrolled in the Trainee Programme, you can work in a cutting-edge car development centre and work on Interior and Exterior Development and Construction, Connected C@r, Electrics and Electronics Development or Powertrain and Chassis Development.
Developing mobile apps? Connected C@r? Assembly in virtual reality or developing SAP solutions? Are you interested in our IT projects? Register for the Trainee Program and work in the most advancing IT department.
Human Resources
Have you got a nose for talented people? The company is driven by its employees. As a Trainee, you can work at Recruitment, HR marketing, Training or Care for the current employees.
Do you want to learn about financial flows of the biggest Czech company? Then the Trainee Programme with focus on Finance is the best choice for you! Controlling is responsible for the economy of all projects and Accounting makes sure the company remains prosperous in the long term.
Corporate Strategy
Are you interested in the Corporate Strategy, Product Management or PR? Find your place in this field and pick the Corporate Strategy specialisation in your ŠKODA Trainee Programme.
Quality Assurance
Are you enthusiastic about Quality Management? Get involved in quality improvement processes in fields like Quality Management Strategy, Car Production Quality Management, Crash Tests, Fault Analysis or Functional Tests of Pre-Series and Series Cars.
A modern logistics is the central pillar of our entire car production. Join us and get insight in logistics processes in fields like Logistics Planning, Operative Logistics, Pre-Series Logistics and many more.
Digitalisation and Connectivity
Are you interested in Industry 4.0, Business 4.0, Smart Mobility/Parking or Connectivity? Register for the ŠKODA Trainee Programme and find your place in fields that are now emerging and setting the future of the automotive industry.
Do you want to become involved in selecting suppliers for ŠKODA AUTO car production? The ŠKODA Trainee Programme gives you the chance to find your place in this ever developing field.
Electric Mobility
Develop trends and new technologies in the most advancing part of the automotive industry. We reduce weight and enhance safety and range. Become part of the further development of this essential field.

Course of the admission procedure

How does it proceed?

Register for the program
Send your CV
Pass a language test
Go through an interview
Pass an assessment centre
We welcome you to ŠKODA AUTO

Admission procedure

Sign up directly for your Trainee Program position. To be considered a candidate for the admission procedure, attach your CV (English / German) to your registration. You may sign up for the admission procedure while still in school, since you need to be a graduate only when you enter the ŠKODA Trainee program. Our admission procedure is conducted twice a year.

Are you up for it? Do not miss the deadline!

  • 1. Receipt of applications

    October – middle December and April – July

  • 2. Admission procedure

    December–February and June–August

  • 3. Entering the job

    March and September

We are currently looking for

Still not found what you are looking for? Check the complete list of current vacancies.


Petra Sadílková

Petra Sadílková

Coordination of the Trainee program

+420 731 295 944
Gabriela Osičková

Gabriela Osičková

Recruiter – Finance, Production and Trainee Program

+420 732 294 340

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of the ŠKODA Trainee program?

The ŠKODA Trainee program is individually tailored to each Trainee according to their targeted focus. The core of the program lies in “rotations", where interns not only gain familiarity with their targeted focus area, but also in other related areas in the ŠKODA team. (For example, Trainees with focuses in Technical Engine Development will not only work in Technical Development, but also in Engine Production, Quality Control, and so on.) These rotations allow our Trainees to become acquainted with the structure and corporate culture of ŠKODA AUTO as well as participate in a variety of interesting projects and training.

Where does the ŠKODA Trainee program take place?

The ŠKODA Trainee program can take place in any ŠKODA plant in the Czech Republic, but most often takes place in Mladá Boleslav.

Is a BA degree sufficient for participation in the Trainee program?

Unfortunately, no. The ŠKODA Trainee program is designed for graduates with a master’s degree.

How many Trainees are you planning to accept this year?

The program is limited to 30 participants per year.

May I sign up for the ŠKODA Trainee program despite already having some work experience?

Some work experience is considered an advantage, however, the program has a limit of maximum one year total experience before application.

As a Trainee, will I work part-time or full-time?

The ŠKODA Trainee program is full-time. It is a normal employment contract which allows you to take advantage of all the employee benefits as well.

Is it possible to apply for the admission procedure more than once?

Unfortunately, in case of the ŠKODA Trainee program, candidates may be included in the admission procedure only once.

How long after graduating may I sign up for the ŠKODA Trainee program?

You may beca Trainee only within two years after graduating with a master’s degree from university. You need to adjust sending your application to that.

May I participate in an admission procedure when I am still studying?

Yes, you may. It is important that you are a successful graduate of a university master’s degree at the time of joining the Trainee program (i.e., by the entry dates in March / September).

May I apply for a ŠKODA Trainee program if I study distance learning?

Unfortunately, the ŠKODA Trainee program is only open to graduates of full-time courses. Distance and combined studies are essentially forms of in-service learning.

When is the deadline for sending applications to the program?

An applicant for the ŠKODA Trainee program may register in the database in November-December if they want to enter in March, and in April-May in case of entry in September.

If I am interested in joining the ŠKODA Trainee program in September, when is it appropriate to apply for the admission procedure?

We recommend you sign up approximately 4-6 months prior to the planned entry, especially given the complexity of the admission procedure.

What happens if I succeed in all rounds of the admission procedure, but fail to terminate my university in due course?

You do not have to worry about missing the Trainee program. We always resolve such situations individually. Usually, your entry to the ŠKODA AUTO will be postponed to the next term.

What should I do if I fail in the admission procedure, but I am still interested in working for ŠKODA AUTO?

If you do not meet all the criteria required for the ŠKODA Trainee program, the observers can recommend you for direct entry. In such case, your documents are further processed by the recruitment department and you are included in the database of prospective candidates. If suitable jobs are available, you can discuss the next steps with representatives of the recruitment centre. However, this procedure does not guarantee immediate entry to the company, it is only a recommendation for direct inclusion in the database of candidates, while it also depends on current job vacancies.

What is the difference between the Trainee program and directly taking up a job?

Both forms of entry to the company are equal. Each candidate must decide which one they prefer. The ŠKODA Trainee program provides an opportunity to get to know various departments and create contacts within the company. Direct entry offers work and responsibility for a specific task from the first day.

What employment contract will I get?

When entering the ŠKODA Trainee program, an employment contract is signed with the graduate for a definite period (one year). After successful completion of the program, a contract is drawn up for an indefinite period with the target department.

What is the Trainees’ reimbursement?

A Trainee’s salary is based on the tariff system, basic salary and performance. Excellent results are reflected in the personal evaluation, to which the Trainee is entitled after 3 months with the company. Even during the first year, Trainees can also use company benefits such as subsidized meals and accommodation, subsidized leases of ŠKODA cars, pension insurance and others.

What is the typical career path of a Trainee who has completed the ŠKODA Trainee program?

The ŠKODA Trainee program is suitable both for specialists and potential managers at different levels. However, the program itself is not a management program. Completing it does not guarantee career advancement. The program guarantees and verifies the Trainee’s potential, which then needs constant development.

What language skills will I need within the company?

The main foreign languages of communication in the company are German and English. Requirements for specific language skills always depend on the specific department or position.

How are rotations planned and is it possible to look into all company areas?

The ŠKODA Trainee program is full-time. It is a normal employment contract which allows you to take advantage of all the employee benefits as well.

Where is it possible to complete the internship abroad?

ŠKODA AUTO is one of few companies on the Czech market offering internships within the Trainee program. The internship may be completed at any of the Group’s companies, however, depending on the needs and possibilities of the target department. Currently, internships are preferred at plants strategic for the company in Russia, China and India, and also plants in Germany, which are Ingolstadt Audi or VW Wolfsburg.

What is expected from me as a Trainee?

As a ŠKODA AUTO intern, you will work not only on entrusted specialized tasks, but become part of a young and dynamic team of interns who also engage in CSR activities of ŠKODA AUTO, organize days together, share experience and help out the HR department by participating in events organized for students.

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