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Detection of new objects and road users

Škoda Auto offers its university full-time students the opportunity to gain valuable experience as interns and possibility to work on diploma thesis in the Czech Republic’s biggest company.



  • SKODA's multifunctional front camera (MFK), located on the windscreen, forms the basis of many of our (driver assistance) systems. For example, it is used to identify the edge of the road and temporary lane markings for our Adaptive Lane Assist, or to detect a speed limit or roundabout for the Predictive Cruise Control. Processing of the camera data to detect other objects and situations on the road and could further improve safety.
  • The thesis could start with investigating the challenges of working with data obtained from the camera such as lighting conditions, camera placement and occlusions, and explore the extension of the use cases. Possible topics for this thesis could be for example, to focus on developing an algorithm to detect brake lights of trajectory vehicles, vulnerable road users or traffic signs. The thesis could explore different ML and computer vision techniques for object detection and recognition, such as convolutional neural networks, object detection algorithms and feature extraction methods. The goal is to extend the functionality of the camera by adding other use cases or improve detection of existing ones.


  • Full-time university studies (technical)
  • Interest as well as expertise in the area
  • (Basic) programming knowledge, (basic) electrical engineering knowledge
  • MS Office, MS Windows and internet knowledge




  • Reward between CZK 170,-  and CZK 250,-/hour (depending on the study phase)
  •  Possibility to try working with a team of experienced professionals
  •  Experience of working for the biggest company in the Czech Republic with a good reputation around the world
  •  Range of practical benefits such as: catering allowance, accommodation in the Škoda Auto dormitory (limited capacity), tours around the plant and ŠKODA AUTO Museum, reduction for purchase of SW and HW Microsoft, HP and IBM and more
  •  Possibility of career growth within the Student Talent Program
  •  Flexible working time (as agreed upon with the supervisor of the trainee program/ diploma thesis)
  •  Possible further cooperation on diploma thesis (according to agreement with the internship program supervisor)


Equal opportunities and equal treatment are key cornerstones of a fair, unprejudiced and open approach.

We offer equal opportunities for everyone.

We do not discriminate or tolerate discrimination on grounds of ethnic or national origin, sex, religion, views, age, disability, sexual orientation, skin color, political views, social background or any other characteristics protected by law. We embrace diversity, actively encourage inclusion and create an environment that fosters each employee’s individuality in the interests of the Company. As a matter of principle, our employees are chosen, hired and supported based on their qualifications and skills.

Škoda also has a more in-depth Diversity&Inclusion page.