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13Th December 2016

Humans of SKODA: Dagmar Párová, specialist for ConnectedC@r

The technical department of ŠKODA AUTO doesn’t count only men. One of the proof is Dagmar Párová, a specialist of ConnectedC@r, who is responsible for the implementation of VW automobile features in the new smart models of Skoda. We asked Dagmar a couple of questions to introduce her job position.

Can you tell us what is really behind the name of your job: "Specialist for ConnectedC@r"?

I analyse VW solutions and the subsequent implementation of these solutions in ŠKODA AUTO. In our department we don’t do any programming per say, we take over systems and their functionalities from VW and apply them here in Mladá Boleslav. We therefore adapt Group systems, so they can be used in our environment and we literally paint them "with Škoda colours". We conduct technical IT solution analyses that are available at Wolfsburg, and implement the solutions at ŠKODA AUTO.

Do you have a specific example of such an IT solution?

For example we took over the Customer Web Portal for online services, which the Tiguan model has. We are now modifying it for ŠKODA solutions and online services for our new Kodiaq SUV.

Can you tell us about your previous career path?

Sure. It has been quite short, but interesting nevertheless. After graduating me and my husband, who was sent by ŠKODA abroad to work for VW, left for Germany. As a fresh graduate I started working there in a research institute. Because it was certain we would return back to Mladá Boleslav after three years, I started looking for a job in Wolfsburg, which would be tied to the automobile industry. Thanks to my education background I was hired for an IT position in an external company, which was a supplier to VW and worked there for two years. Before the end of our stay abroad I handed in my resignation, started looking for work in Mladá Boleslav and found a job :).

What do you enjoy the most in your work?

My work is very diverse and I also enjoy that every day I get to intensely use my language skills. In Germany I was surrounded only by German for three years. Now all my colleagues at work talk mainly English and all documents are in English, so I quickly have to switch from German to English. I use both languages, because I spend three days a week in Wolfsburg.

Sometimes it’s important to take a break from work. What do you do in your free time?

One of my favourite free-time activities is riding a bike or going in-line skating. From an early age I’ve played volleyball and beach volleyball, I continued with these sports also in Germany. From time to time I also try Pilates and yoga.

What animal comes to your mind, when somebody says ŠKODA AUTO?

The first animal in my mind is a frog. I think it’s because of its green colour and the size of the Citigo, which was the car we had when my husband and I first drove to Wolfsburg :-)

Would you like to discover more information about IT projects in SKODA AUTO? Check our website www.it-skoda.com,

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