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26Th January 2017

Humans of SKODA: Dagmar Hamerská, production operator

In the series “Humans of SKODA” we do not forget about our colleagues from Kvasiny either. The east-Bohemia based plant is currently the most dynamically evolving ŠKODA AUTO plant and employs about 8,000 employees.  Production operator Dagmar Hamerská uses her attention to detail to apply stickers, body side molding trims, signs and door sills on the cars.

Dagmar, how long have you been working at ŠKODA AUTO?

I’ve been here for two years. I got hired right after school.

Have been working on the same position from the very beginning?

I first started on the polishing station. That’s where the cars go from here for the finish.

What should I imagine when you say ‘finish’?

We’re sticking decorations onto the cars. That includes front and rear stickers, bodyside moldings, signs and door sills. We don’t have to use adhesive, because it’s been already applied onto the parts. We simply peel off the protective paper or foil and fix it in the right spot.

That doesn’t sound like a physically demanding job, does it?

No. Working at the decoration station is not physically demanding at all. Attention to detail and accuracy are the most important here.

So all of this is manual work even in the time of automated processed?

Yes, all these details are applied manually. I suppose making it automatic wouldn’t be so easy.

Which ŠKODA model is currently passing through your hands?

Now it’s the Yeti, Superb, Kodiaq and Seat.

Which of the models do you like best?

Definitely the Kodiaq. It’s large, spacious and has a great design.  For example for off-road driving in the mountains it’s a great car.

What’s your team like? Do you sometimes get together during your free time?

Given by the nature of our job, there are eleven women and one man on our team. We get on really well. We spend breaks together in the kitchenette, we have snacks and chat. With a few girls we sometimes get a coffee.

When a team is not balanced in terms of gender, it’s not always good. Don’t you sometimes get cabin fever?

Of course some problems arise time to time but nothing too serious. We always work things out and everything’s fine.

You work in a three-shift system.  How do you deal with that?

At the beginning, the night-shift was really difficult for me, but you get used to it really fast. Otherwise, things are ok, because I don’t have children yet. I know about families with little children though where both parents work here, and that’s more complicated. When the shifts change, they have to be here both at the same time and arrange baby-sitting. But it’s doable as well.

Why did you decide to work for ŠKODA AUTO?

To be honest, for the salary. I live close to Kvasiny and there’s no other company around who would offer this much money plus all the other benefits.

You have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of employee benefits. Which of them do you like best?

Subsidized meals, of course, that’s a great advantage. As for the other benefits I haven’t used them yet. I’v been a core employee since August, I used to work here as agency staff before that, so benefits are new to me and I’m only gradually finding out about them from the other girls and the information centre.

Do you enjoy working here? Or do you go “Oh no, not again!” when you leave for work?

I think I’ve never said “Oh no, not again!” to myself (laughs). At the beginning, getting used to changing shifts was hard for me. But it hasn’t happened to me yet that I wouldn’t want to come here for the job as such. Sticking decorations is a really easy task even for women and the ratio between the demands and pay is hard to find elsewhere.


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