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31St March 2017

From Trainee Diary: Experience the ŠKODA showrooms

You shouldn’t be working for a car company without knowing how the part of selling the car looks like. That is why we thought that the trainee round within showroom would be a great idea!

We started the day in an easy way, coffee & breakfast, and the presentation from our trainee colleagues about their rotations. This trainee round was a bit special, we had there new trainees on board, so we made big effort to make the presentations look good. First impression is the most important one, isn’t it?

After this, we put ourselves in a ‘’higher speed’’ and we welcomed Mr. Střítecký from Marketing department, who introduced to us the real concept of the showrooms. ‘’Why we see the newest car model from the entrance in the Skoda showrooms?’’, ‘’Why the cars are always turned towards customers?’’, ‘’Why the tiles are in a light color?’’, are just some of the questions on which we got an answer.

Since we got all the important information from our amazing speaker, we were ready for real action, visiting of Havex showroom in Mlada Boleslav. Against all odds, fighting the rain and really bad wind, we made it to the place just in time. Followed by our speaker Mr. Střítecký we made a small tour around, and were able to see all the elements that one showroom should have. When we finished the tour, our minds were already just on one thing: Lunch.

The lunch went great, and before we knew it, we were already in the bus on our way to Prague. Why to Prague? Well, why not go one step ahead of time and check the new concepts of showrooms – ‘’Showrooms of the future’’. We arrived at the address and our speaker from the morning was already there, waiting to show us how everything should look like in following months. We shouldn’t revile any secrets, but we can say one thing: It looks amazing!

The great day was ended by the photo shooting with new trainees, and with one special photography, photography with the tickets for the ‘‘Trainee ball’’. Have you been there, haven’t you?

Selma Kunosić, Trainee – Technical development


If you are finishing your studies or you have recently graduated, don’t forget to check our Trainee program. It’s a career start you will never forget!

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