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9Th March 2018

Did you know that Trainees….

Tracing time back to the past, we all know where the Trainee program starts. It starts with the heart making a pause when you find the #skodatrainee position on the web or in the newsletter, or hearing the rumors among your friends or social media. You alarm, you strive to know more and you are shocked when you recognize yourself in the description of the role: an ambitious and young professional ready to challenge the world of today. You feel how the inner voice echoes: this is your place, and you begin your move towards the call.

Then the application process began: CVs, tests, interviews and eager waiting neighbors in your daily planner with state exams, diploma defense, graduation and sharing with your loved ones the news that you are applying to what could be the best start of your career.

The day X: you sit in front of the evaluating commission with your brain squeezed by the intense assessment day. The competition was strong, but the hope lives and grows even stronger. You hear the magical “accepted” and lose the sense of what is real. One moment divides your life into “before” and “after”. From now on, you are a part of a divine command of charming, smiley and so appealing fellow trainees who shared a part of their young and dedicated spirit yesterday in a pub. However, inside you knew these things are not random: that is not a coincidence that someone said about you: “a ŠKODA person”.

Eventually, we started with the initiation period where this magical moment of meeting new people that share the same mindset and ambition as you do happened. On top of this, we had a massive intake of information and knowledge in such a short time period that you could feel overwhelmed. This was a good thing. Building friendships with people whom we started this new stage of our lives with, meant that this year was one of a kind.

Days started to fly like in a carousel. The welcome party, the dormitory check-in, the experience in production, which burns a footprint in your mind (that is what you will definitely tell to your grandchildren!). Huge plant excursion, first experiences in your departments of choice, trainings, and a feeling of being a rising company star from anyone you interact with. The way of life is not bohemian though: you have to arrange 1000 new things at once (which you manage only thanks to your new trainee friends), starting from taking your official company picture and first doctor visit all the way to Trainee only projects and teambuilding events.

The Holy Grail of Trainee Statistics

Now that we have talked about how it all began, we have much more to share with you. Throughout these 25 years of our beloved program, we have seen so many interesting and unique people coming and staying.

575 have gone through this amazing path. Did you know that in all these years, there were more women joining the program than the European average in Automotive Industry? There were 36% female Trainees whereas the European average is only 24%.

What about the departments Trainees chose? Did you know that most of us stayed within Production, Sales and Marketing, and Strategy? Given that we produce cars, a lot of us want to either improve this process or convince people that our vehicles are superior to the competition, because not only it is our job but also due to the fact that we know, firsthand, they are better, simply better.

Moreover, did you know that 75% of Trainees still work for the company even after all these years? This is so because he Trainee Program is merely the start. As Skoda provides a challenging environment and emphasizes personal development and growth, we identify with the company and are happy in this big and diverse family. Furthermore, the company is the biggest employer in Czech, it is only natural that some of us might have worked in Skoda before. Thus, our question is: did you know that 100 Trainees worked as interns?

In the last 5 years, there is a movement to make the company, and specially the Trainee Program, more international. Thus, Trainees from countries other than Czech and Slovakia have been invited and joined the program. Did you know there are more than 22 unique nationalities.

Taking into account all of us Trainees, did you know that 50% speaks either English or German? On top of this, did you know 40% speak a third language and that 12% speak more than 3 up to 6 languages? As the composition of Trainees evolved with the years, so did the content of the Program. Around 13 years ago, Trainees started with their international rotations thus going around the globe in different brands of the VW GROUP. Did you know the furthest a Trainee ever went was China? In addition and in its total, did you know there has been 136 international rotations?

After these fun facts, we wonder what other interesting experiences you had in the Trainee Program and we would like to hear more from you!

José Figueiredo, Trainee – General Purchasing

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