1St May 2018

Love of ŠKODA

Combining a career and family life is not always easy. In an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Koudelka , however, you will see that it is possible in ŠKODA AUTO. Vlastimil is working as a junior HR business partner, Zuzana is a successful HR lawyer, and they will soon welcome a second baby in their family. So how did it all begin?

How did you meet? Was it during the Trainee Program?

We met in 2013, during Zuzana’s Trainee Program. I was already one year after my Trainee Program, working as a specialist of employee benefits and HR projects. She was a fresh graduate and she had her target position at the same department, as a HR lawyer. We were in one office, sharing one long table. I didn’t really wanted to share my long table with someone else, so I just shortened her part of the table before she joined our office.

What did the Trainee Program mean to you?

It was a great experience, which still influences our life in ŠKODA, AUTO. Especially all the friends and colleagues from different departments we met during the trainee program. The Trainee Program definitely helped us with strong networking.

How are you doing at ŠKODA AUTO in terms of your professional career?

Our professional career is now strongly influenced by our growing family (one daughter 1,5 year old, second kid coming in June). We didn´t want to stop the career of one of us so we had to figure out how to take care of the kids and work at the same time. Thanks to ŠKODA AUTO possibilities, we combine home office for both of us, Zuzana´s part-time and we can keep both – family and career at the same time.

How did ŠKODA AUTO help your relationship? (benefits and perks)?

We have to say that we use almost all the benefits which ŠKODA AUTO offers to our employees. The most important for us are housing loan, car leasing, additional free days (for parents, for wedding), holiday contribution, and traveling insurance.

Has your relationship helped you in your daily work?

Although we don´t work together anymore at the same department, we are professionally in touch mostly every day as a HR business partner and HR lawyer. Because of the fact that we are partners and we promised that we would help each other no matter what, there is no possibility to refuse the help, ignore the email or not answer the call.

What is the most valuable memory from your trainee/ŠKODA AUTO experience together?

The most valuable memory of our relationship is probably my visit in Wolfsburg during Zuzana´s stay in VW. We had the opportunity to visit many interesting places around – many of them based on recommendation of our international friends we met during our trainee program (Konzern Trainee Treffen).

Was it a problem to divide professional life from personal life at SKODA AUTO?

We try to divide our personal and working life but when there is some complicated topic in work, we can discuss it at home in calmness. Luckily for us we have almost always the same point of view and we never argue about work.

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