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21St May 2018

From Trainee Diary: Blast from the past

Trainee program has been in ŠKODA for 25 incredible years and I feel very lucky to be part of this special club. When I was joining our trainee family 2 months ago, my expectations were high, but I could never imagine how the reality would actually surpassed them. Has the trainee program always been at this level? Has anything changed?

To find that out, I asked Ms. Katerina Kramesova, a trainee from the year 2013, now an assistant of Member of the Board for Production and Logistics. And as all trainees always stick together and help each other out, we were able to spent a one hour of a pleasant „conversensation“ about Trainee program.

So what was the reason why she joined the Trainee program at ŠKODA AUTO, in the first place? The choice for Katka was obvious. She always wanted to work in automotive industry and logically the best option for her was ŠKODA AUTO. “It was one of my dream companies I wanted to work for and when I saw their Trainee program, which was one of the best on the market even back then, there was nothing to hesitate about.” Unlike Katka, I was not sure what to do next after finishing my master degree at the University of Economics, Prague. Should I continue in Business Administration, switch to Marketing or try something totally new? Do I want to stay in the Czech republic or work abroad? I was so confused until I found the concept of Trainee program, and later on specifically this Trainee program, which took all my doubts away.

However, I am not going to lie, right before starting working for ŠKODA AUTO, I was quite nervous. Imagine, you are moving to another city, signing on with the big company and you do not know anybody there. Katka’s feelings were quite similar to mine. “The scariest was the completely new environment. I did not know anybody in ŠKODA AUTO nor in Mladá Boleslav… and that is when the Trainee program stepped in. From the very first day, we, Trainees, got together, created our own community and overcame it together.” I must admit, that this has not changed even throughout the years. Thanks to that, I have never felt alone.

Besides the trainee community, we, new trainees, have another big help at the beginning of our future career. It is not “just” the trainee family who supports us, but also a personal mentor. It is a specialist from our target department, who is mentoring and supporting us during the whole Trainee program. The mentor is here to help us with planning the job rotations, guide us through the year and support our career path. It is definitely one of the greatest progress of the Trainee program and even though Katka did not have this opportunity in her year, she believes that it is a great advantage for us.

For her, personally, the biggest advantage of Trainee program is the network of contacts. “During my job rotations I met many people who shared their knowledge with me and thanks to that I gained such an overview about the company. It brought me great friends and the network of contacts that I am using in my work until now.” Even though I am a bright new trainee, I can see the benefits of networking myself. I keep learning about who to interact with, how to best do my job and how the company works.

In the end, I asked Katka, what advice she would give to all new trainees. „ Make the most of this year! Take the time to learn as much as possible, create the network of contacts and get to know the company, but at the same time do not miss any party! I didn´t. “ And I surely won´t either.

Alžběta Budinská, Trainee, HR Marketing


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