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2Nd October 2018

CV, the first step to enter the Trainee programme

The first important step during the admission process to the Trainee programme is a well-written CV. And there is no better person to ask about it than Gabriela Osičková. Your CV will probably find its way to her hands.

  • What exactly are you looking for by applicants for the Trainee programme?

Above all, it is the interest for the company and the Trainee programme as such. I am interested in the field of study but you can distinguish yourself from the rest by extracurricular activities. By that, I mean engagement in student organizations or for example taking part in interesting projects. What is important to me is whether the applicant is on the same wavelength with fresh graduates because they will together take part in many activities within the programme.

  • What are the biggest errors applicants make in their CVs?

There are errors in grammar, as well as errors in figures. If the applicant adjusts an older version of the CV, s/he often forgets to change language proficiency level or the phone number. Do not forget to pay attention to the selection of your photo – its quality, surroundings, expression as well as the way you look. Moreover, your email address says a lot about you. I recommend avoiding addresses such as kitty93@...com or suuuuuusiiiiieee@...com. I also do not recommend withholding the fact about unsuccessful studies and in case of insufficient practice in the field, I advise you to mention even the practice outside the field. Concerning your education as well as work experience, always stick to the rule of listing them from the most current one to the oldest.

  • What is the first thing you look at when you take a new CV?

I first notice its form and structure. Then I have a look at the focus during studies, obtained work experience and language proficiency level. I assess all of these with requirements on applicants for the Trainee programme. I appreciate when candidates do not use tools for generating their CVs and instead show their creativity. Even such a thing can prove their effort and interest for the Trainee programme.

  • What is in your opinion the optimum length of a CV?

Your CV should not be longer than two A4 pages. But speaking for myself I like those that fit on one page. The applicant should select only the information which is relevant for the position. Also, it is convenient to find optimum font and size of letters.

  • Have you ever gotten a funny or peculiar CV?

In my life, I have seen many CVs but still some of them are somewhat surprising. For example, a “CV” written in hand on a piece of paper taken from a notepad only containing approximately four sentences saying: My name is..., Currently I work at... I am... years old and have ... children. I have received such a CV also in xls format. Furthermore, I can think about one more, quite a recent one. The CV looked like an invitation to a funeral ceremony just because of wrong selected colours and framing.

  • How is it possible to achieve an individual CV which stands out from the crowd but at the same time corresponds with the company standards?

In order to stand out from the crowd in a positive sense, the CV can besides the already mentioned look and basic information contain the professional profile. That means a short presentation of the person. It is also interesting to include a short description of your former employee, if it is not a big international company. Do not include a description of your job; rather mention what you really did and what you had achieved. You may include your specific hobbies as well.

  • Why then is it good to apply for the Trainee programme?

Trainee programme has been in ŠKODA for 25 years and it has produced 593 trainees that finished the programme and assess it as brilliant opportunity to get to know the company and its department within the year and the possibility to make an informed decision in which direction to go next. On top of that, you will become a member of a amazing community, will perfect your soft skills and find friends for the rest of your life.

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