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25Th October 2018

From Trainee Diary: We are fighting for better Czechia

We, Trainees, are usually keen to do more than just learn about the company as to find our final position. We have been fortunate to follow the previous Trainee´s steps and since September 2017, we have got the opportunity to join the Trainee Project regarding CSR, which obviously cooperates closely with Skoda’s CSR department. For almost 12 months, we have been working towards supporting Skoda’s CSR efforts and, more importantly, contributing towards a better Czech Republic.

It all started with the Teribear Run, here in Mlada Boleslav, in late September 2017. The main purpose of the event was to raise money for socially disadvantaged children. And what was the best way to do it? With a donation from Skoda of 20CZK for every km ran by participants! From the start of this challenge, we were involved with helping setting up the event, selling chips, taking care of the dressing room and luggage storage, staffing the track, and, finally, running as well.

Just a month after this, in October 2017, we were invited to clean the woods of Kochánky and to plant some trees! This is part of Skoda’s initiative to plant a tree for each car sold in the Czech Republic! In an event where we all got a shovel and some of the lucky ones got an axe to help chop down remaining trees, we were able to help the town in becoming a nicer place to have your cottage.

Children are often in need of extra care and attention, so, naturally, we also wanted to provide some help to Centrum for everyone in Nymburk, which organizes free time activities for both healthy and handicapped kids. The first interaction took place in November 2017, in Nymburk, where we got the chance to trying out being a parent for the first time by working as child care assistants! Together with the kids, Halloween decorations were made, games were played, meals were shared and more. Taking a big leap to June 2018, we went to Jizbice to help build a campsite for children attending the summer camps during July and August. Once again, shovels and axes were picked up as to prepare the foundation for trampolines, chop wood, clean the garden and learn how to start a fire in a way people used to do before Christ.

Going back to April 2018, we hosted our Ball in the Skoda’s historical museum. That night, Trainees, former Trainees and colleagues, were invited to celebrate the program, dance in the traditional Czech ways, have merely one drink, see crazy bottle spins and an amazing dance act by our current Trainee group, among other things. In the end, the goal was to raise money for Centrum 83, specifically, for a brand new van that would support the center immensely. The night was a success as almost 90,000 CZK was raised!

There were two more activities until the summer of 2018, one in Ukliďme Česko and another helping hand to Centrum 83. In April, 15 of us joined 200 Skoda employees in cleaning illegal dumps and uncleaned roads. With this effort, Skoda contributed to a greener Czech landscape where we had the chance to directly help in removing trash in the cycle path from Kvasiny to Rychnov nad Kněžnou. After cleaning our dirty gloves, we moved on to work clothes as we helped Centrum 83 for 3 days in July. There, furniture and supplies were moved as to make sure the mentally challenged users of the Centrum could enjoy freshly renovated facilities and peaceful lives.

In hindsight, we really wanted to do more than just planning next move and that can be seen in the several CSR activities organized throughout these last 12 months. We are not alone, as plenty Skoda employees participate in similar events. With the help of more colleagues, Skoda will be able to achieve a huge and positive social impact in our beloved community. As we all contribute to a better company and, specially, a better country, would you like to lend a helping hand?

José Figueiredo, Trainee – Purchasing department

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