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11Th December 2018

A week in our Trainee life!

  • Monday

My alarm clock is ringing. It’s time for the office grind: the Trainee journey is starting! After arriving to EKF department (Vehicle safety – side impacts) and meeting my mentor, I got tasks for the next week – all related to the project I’m part of – we’re off to a great start! I’ll have to ask my colleagues for some pointers but I can’t wait to get more experience. We’ll see how it goes.

In the afternoon I leave the office and on the way I plan a ping-pong battle in the dorms. Michal thinks he’s going to win again. Haha, not today Michal, not today!

  • Tuesday

A foreign surprise! I get to start my Czech classes. It’s a tricky one, but not impossible: I will give it a try. I meet my Czech teacher, and off we go! Learning some basics will help not only for work, but also for my free time. I’ve always thought learning a language helps you get a country’s culture and I’m grateful I get to know the culture behind ŠKODA AUTO.

  • Wednesday

Morning = breakfast. This Wednesday is quite a special one as we are pleased to enjoy it with Mr. Oeljeklaus, the board member of Production and Logistics in ŠKODA AUTO. It’s always a good opportunity to hear the opinions and experiences of successful people. This time, we are given advice on how to never get bored at the work place, while constantly improving ourselves and keeping on learning new things. After hearing this, I find myself thinking: “I’m so motivated to keep looking for the best career path for me” – who knew breakfast could be so useful.

  • Thursday

Another day, another opportunity to annoy my colleagues a bit with all my curious questions. But today won’t be just about the work. In the evening, I’ll meet the great group of Trainees for a few drinks and my favorite Czech meal, “Smažený sýr”. We have to finish our mountain trip plans for the weekend. Everyone wants to hang out after work so there is always a friend you can wind down with: truly an amazing thing about the Trainee Program!

  • Friday

The weekend is almost here and everybody is spamming the chats regarding the trip. I manage to finish what I had in mind for today, so I can have an easy start next week. At 16:00 we start our adventure from the dormitories. We pick up some groceries and enjoy the Czech landscape while driving to Snežka. At the same time, we discuss our work week as everyone works in a different department. Their tasks sound cool, and there’s always something new to learn about how ŠKODA AUTO does things.

  • Saturday + Sunday

Long walks, beautiful nature, stunning landscapes and amazing views! That’s what it’s all about! A group photo on the top of Snezka shows how happy we are. Now we can finally chill – and as I write into my notebook, the guys are planning a small party to refill our energy for next week.


This week was a mix of work and fun. As it should be, right? I learned new things about my work, I got closer to the Trainees, and I also got to visit the highest point of the Czech Republic. Now, I just wonder, how will my next Trainee week look like?

Mihai Belu – Trainee

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