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29Th March 2019

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

It doesn’t matter, where we speak or what we speak about, what matters is how we speak. Good presentation skills no longer mean insertion of text into PowerPoint slides. Interns from Student Talent Pool have improved their presentation skills during the soft skills training, and now we will share with you some tips regarding a good speaker’s skills.


1. Know your audience

The first crucial question that you should ask is "Who is my audience?" Do you have an informal presentation for your classmates or is it intended for professionals at your workplace? Do you want your audience to listen or do you want them to act? Your audience is your partner during the whole presentation, and it is essential to know who these people are and why they are here.


2. Make or Break Moment

It is the first few seconds when your audience decides whether they care about your presentation or whether they are going to let their mind wander and not listen carefully. There are many opinions about the specific number of seconds which are the most important. However, we can agree that it is the first few seconds which matter the most. Your audience notices your body language, eye contact or the design of your presentation. They also care about what you say, so don’t underestimate the first sentences of your presentation and start big!


3. The last impression lasts

If there is something as important as the first impression, it is the last impression. How to finish the presentation, so your audience remembers you? You shouldn’t end your presentation in the same way a car runs out of gas. You should add more energy to the finish. You can finish with an interesting fact, or you can wake your audience with a rhetorical question. You can also sum up the best details of your presentation.


4. Practice makes perfect

The alfa and omega of presentations are to practice. Turn on your camera, start your presentation and do a rehearsal. Watch the recording afterwards and be critical. Do you speak clearly? Do you make any gestures? Do you smile and are you ready for eye contact with your audience? Write down your own feedback and try it once more.

Would you like to attend similar trainings regarding not only soft skills but product trainings as well? Apply for an internship in ŠKODA AUTO.


Veronika, intern, HR Marketing


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