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9Th August 2019

Being open about Trainee programme

The Trainee programme in SKODA AUTO offers a wide range of possibilities for economically and technically oriented university graduates. It doesn´t matter whether you already know in which field you want to work and get a great overview thanks to rotations, or if you want to find your work area by trying different departments. In both cases, you are in the right place. In addition, the car industry has great potential. In this article, we will share this Trainee programme participants' experiences. We asked Mark, Mihai, Petr and Silvester several questions. 

How is life in Mladá Boleslav?                                                             

Marek: Frankly, I have to admit, it is not the same as living in Prague or Brno. On the other hand, it is great to have a group of thirty people every year that are on the same wavelength as you. Therefore, you don´t need to worry about boredom. There is always something going on. And since more international graduates enter the programme every year, such as my colleague Mihai, you will not get out of the practice with your English. 

When did you start thinking about moving for work to the Czech Republic?

Mihai: Before I finished my studies, I started looking for another life challenge. And a little while after I have finished my diploma thesis, an email came saying that ŠKODA AUTO opened a possibility to apply for the Trainee programme. My parents in Romania drive ŠKODA car, and it´s also my favourite brand of car. I liked the whole concept of the Trainee programme as well, as it offers many interesting opportunities. Looking back, I have to admit that I am glad I applied.

The ŠKODA Trainee programme is characterized by rotating around different departments. Silvester, you have switched five times a year and you, Peter, have switched six times. Do you think this is a good system?

Petr: There are, basically, two approaches to rotations. The first is to find what I would enjoy – find your “sweet spot” and participate there. The second approach relates to relevant rotations regarding my field specialization and target position if I already know what I want to do. ŠKODA meets us halfway in both cases, and I believe that is a good thing. A great advantage is an insight you gain and the ability to access the problem from different sides.

Silvester: Yes, the rotations help to uncover the workload of many positions and departments. Personal contacts throughout the company are another advantage.

What is it like to be part of Technological development, a very secret area, where cars are made, from the very first idea?

Marek: I must admit that I have been quite enjoying it. It is interesting to work on components of the engine that is going to be produced in a few years. It is also really motivating to "check out" some models, which were recently introduced or will be soon.

In what part of car development are you involved?

Mihai: My first work rotation takes place in the department, which deals with the vehicle´s safety in the event of a crash in the side part of the vehicle. I cooperate with many interesting and nice people who help me with everything I need. It is very complex and demanding work that requires many experiences, which I am trying hard to learn from my colleagues. Currently, I am learning to control the software we use at the department.

Foreign experience is a part of the programme

Petr: Exactly. Two weeks ago, I returned from a two-month internship in Russia. There, in Nižjij Novgorod, ŠKODA AUTO produces models OCTAVIA and KODIAQ. The final product is the same, but the method of production varies considerably in Russia. I consider a great benefit to observe a different business, different methods and different culture.

Have you been surprised by anything while being in ŠKODA?

Silvester: Maybe the use of new technologies in all areas, not just production. ŠKODA is successful in promoting a number of innovative projects and introduce new technologies and processes. For example, we, Trainees, also managed to push through our innovative project.  And that was surprising.

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