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4Th October 2019

TRAINEES AT WORK: Creating Opportunities to Expand Your Circle

The ŠKODA Trainee Programme offers many activities and projects. These projects are Networking, On-boarding, HR Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a Trainee, you can choose one of these projects according to your interest and join one of the teams. You can learn more about the Networking projects and the team in this article.

It is the process of meeting and talking to people with a common profession or a special interest, to develop professional or social contacts. At the same time, it is essential for finding the right opportunity. Can you guess the word?

Networking. The Trainee program is not only about work. It is also about networking. Our team creates opportunities for Trainees to increase the size of their network.

You may have experienced that not everyone is open to meet with you, the graduate, during your job search. We all have been there. Networking team events can be an opportunity for a good first impression and a soft start.

Personal Development

During the realisation process of these ideas, we need to talk to a lot of people to get information. Does it already sound like the definition of networking?

Meeting new people and organising events is a great chance for us to develop our intercultural communication skills as well as organisational skills.

The Goal of the Networking Team

Our goal as the networking team is to sustain the connection between former Trainees, managers and current Trainees in the company and group scale.

We are trying to create connections within ŠKODA AUTO. Former trainees of the Trainee Programme are currently working all over the company in various departments. They walked the same way we are walking right now. Besides, the managers are interested in meeting with young people and answering their questions.

Establishing Connections by Organizing Events

The Trainee Programme is on its 26th year now, and therefore the trainee community is huge within ŠKODA AUTO. This is our chance to organise many different events. You can learn more about them below.

Our Trainee Reunion is an alumni event that brings previous and current Trainees together. At this reunion, you will get a chance to meet many new people that may give you some ideas about your future in ŠKODA AUTO. One of the future projects is aimed to serve a similar purpose by bringing trainees together on an online platform.

Trainee Ball is the most exciting event of the Trainee Programme. It takes place each year and, of course, each year it has a different theme. Organised by us, Trainees, it hosts exciting performances, dancing and fun. This nice atmosphere provides many opportunities for networking. Another exciting event is the “Breakfasts with Managers”. It is a great opportunity to meet with managers to ask them questions, listen to their experiences and perhaps, get some inspiration. If the manager is responsible for a topic that you are also interested in, this might be your moment!

VW Cooperation events are even larger gatherings, which can provide group-wide network opportunities. The themes may vary, but they are usually future oriented exciting projects that will help you widen your circle. Christmas parties, trainee lunches and more will surely provide you with many chances. Consequently, it is up to you to make the most out of it!

Join us

It all starts with an idea and all ideas are welcome. We always try to create an environment where everyone is having a good time and is comfortable, so it is easier to start a conversation.

Umut Çınar Yaşar, Trainee – Project Management and Pre-production Center of Components


Sounds interesting? Maybe you should come on board to the ŠKODA Trainee Programme and team up with us to create better networking opportunities for trainees while developing your skills. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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