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18Th October 2019

TRAINEES AT WORK: Work hard, help harder

Did you know that ŠKODA AUTO Trainees manage four different projects that are merely their initiative? Each Trainee can choose, at least, one of the projects to contribute to during the Trainee Programme. The projects are Onboarding, Networking, HR marketing and CSR. Let me introduce you to the activities of the Trainee CSR project group.

During the Trainee Programme, we, Trainees, meet regularly at work, and also after work. However, there is no better way of spending time than being together while doing something meaningful and helping where it is needed. We created our own CSR project group because we don’t want to work only for ourselves, but we also enjoy helping others. By others, I mean people in need, disabled people, kids from the childcare houses, animals living in the shelters or the environment around us. We are generally very keen to participate in CSR activities and each of us would attend at least one, but usually, several events organized by Trainee CSR project group during the Trainee Programme.

Trainee CSR group works independently from ŠKODA AUTO official CSR team. This division gives us greater flexibility and enables us to come up with our ideas on how to help and realize them in a relatively short time. CSR project leader works with a small team of Trainees to prepare and coordinate different events while other Trainees are encouraged to join these events. These events are either our own initiative or are organized in cooperation with non-governmental organization. This means that Trainees can lead their projects within the CSR project group within the Trainee Programme. It is a great opportunity to put our leadership and project management skills into practice while witnessing the most rewarding result of all – a small positive change in the world!

We have been working, for a long time, especially with three organizations, Centrum 83, Centrum pro všechny (Centre for all), and Tereza Maxová Foundation. Centrum 83 is an organization, based in Mladá Boleslav, providing social services for disabled people. Centrum pro všechny is a community association, based in Nymburk, organizing integrational free time activities for disabled kids. The third one, Tereza Maxová Foundation, supports children from childcare houses. Every year Trainees volunteer in Teribear, a charity run organized by Tereza Maxová Foundation. On top of that, it is a tradition that Trainees help ŠKODA AUTO to fulfil its promise to plant a tree for each car sold.

To give you a better idea, since this March, we have already participated in five different CSR activities. We spent three weekend days in April and May cleaning the Czech Republic from the waste left in attractive outdoor areas of Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and the Krkonoše Mountains National Park. In gloves and with huge waste bags, we were walking and picking up the trash including broken glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans or even old tires from the ground. In May, we participated in “Artíkuv den”, one day series of workshops prepared for disabled kids to help them to exercise their motoric skills. Together with skilled assistants, a group of Trainees played with and took care of kids with different mental or physical disabilities.

In June, we spent two days with shovel and pickaxe doing hard groundworks and building a barrier-free trail for disabled kids. Honestly, it is a priceless experience to see other Trainees, usually formally dressed at work, to be half-naked, sweaty and dirty, digging up a big hole in the community garden. And what´s more, to see how gently and patiently they can treat the kids and play with them.

Primarily, we are humans, and we should never forget what is important. While we are young, healthy and strong, we should spend a bit of our energy on helping those who have not been as lucky.

Martina Krivošová, Trainee – International Sales


If you´re thinking of joining ŠKODA AUTO Trainee Programme, you may as well consider joining CSR project group. Any new ideas, help in organization or participation in the events would be very much appreciated.

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