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20Th December 2019


Trainee Programme in ŠKODA AUTO provides plenty of opportunities. When you are a part of it, you can meet many talented graduates and professionals from all over the world. You have the chance to experience various jobs and participate in diverse projects.

One of the activities the Trainee Programme in ŠKODA AUTO offers is project work in five teams led by Trainees themselves. They are Networking, HR Marketing, On-boarding, CSR and the new project team this article is about; JUMP-IN. It aims to make foreign employees of ŠKODA AUTO feel comfortable in a new workplace here in the Czech Republic, connect them and create the intercultural exchange between different nationalities.

We, the Trainees, have many opportunities to exert our creativity and innovation. Thus, we received the task to start and pilot a new project for the ŠKODA foreign employees that would help them to adjust better to the Czech environment and network or even connect not only with other ex-pats but also with fellow Czech employees. We called the project JUMP-IN. Within the project, we came up with ideas and events that would suit the mentioned goal of the project team. Currently, we operate three main subprojects; the International Dinner, the Movie Night and the Start Guide, but many other ideas are coming continuously. Let me introduce these activities to you.

First, the “International Dinner”, an event I am enjoying the most. Imagine trying out the meals and cuisines from all over the world in one place during one evening. I believe that this is an excellent get-together for food lovers. The whole purpose of the International Dinner is to share the culture and experience. Everyone who wants to come can contribute! Just cook something, bring it with you, tell a story about your food, and share your meal with others. In any case, you can attend even without cooking. We have already experienced starting with Czech, British, Indian, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Slovakian, Chinese and many others. Do not worry, we are not all master chefs!

Food is always a great opportunity to connect people, to start the discussion and to enjoy the evening accompanied by amazing Czech beverages. A part of the event is also the presentations about particular countries given by their residents, travellers or exchange students. It helps the intercultural exchange further, and we can learn new things and facts as well. Moreover, travelling is an attractive topic, and people generally like to talk about it and share their experiences.

Second, the “Movie Night”, the event where all movie fans can watch outstanding films with an intercultural background that leave unique impressions. The movie I liked best was a documentary depicting how humans are changing the countryside by building giant cities, what living there looks like and which pitfalls citizens face. After each movie, most people stay and begin the conversation and a discussion about the film. It is again, a great opportunity to meet new people, get to know new cultures, and diverse opinions accompanied by fine Czech drinks.

Third, there is the “Start Guide”. It is a comprehensive handbook for foreigners on how to cope with the certain topic they are struggling with. Reading it can help them learn more about ŠKODA AUTO, deal with visa issues, accommodation and much more. In addition, it is useful for getting to know Czech culture, events etc. Everything is in one place and it will assist with a smooth start as an employee in our company.

To sum up, these are the recent activities that we enjoyed a lot. We are developing our project team further and come up with new ideas to make it easier for foreign newcomers. In the close future, we want to start international workshops, language exchanges or the Buddy System, and we are excited to reveal even more.

You can become a member of our team if you join the Trainee Programme in ŠKODA AUTO and contribute to team activities and implement your great ideas. So, JUMP-IN to ŠKODA Trainee Programme and become a member of our community!

Jiří Smutný, Trainee – Application – Financial Processes


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