Take a look at the operation of one of the most advanced companies in the Czech Republic. Gain work experience - valuable experience, knowledge and contacts that will help you to start your future career.

Get a secure job and a great salary

Are you looking for a stable job, good salary and a number of interesting benefits? Are you attracted by modern technologies and do you have ambitions to grow professionally? Participate in creation of top models such as ENYAQ, KAMIQ or for example OCTAVIA iV, and find out how one of the TOP employers operates. Learn from the best in the field!


Top models of KAROQ, KODIAQ and SUPERB will be your work, too.


This work is related to finish activities on new vehicles. The workers are responsible for assembly and disassembly of electric parts, diagnostics and defect identification, overhaul repairs and analysis of electric installation.


Position of painter consists of works on the bodywork top coat. The worker on this position also performs repairs of bodywork, its visible parts and polishes the products. It all takes place in a modern clean environment.


The main workload is represented by common bodywork tasks and bodywork alignment. It is mainly fitting and bodywork repairs or special assembly of their parts. Another task of the bodywork specialist is a replacement of panel parts and handling of bodyworks using a truck.


Car mechanics, by their specialisation, dedicate to assembly of battery, production of engines or axles. Part of the work is manual and machine assembly or disassembly of individual components, visual and mechanical control activities, or measuring activities according to specified parameters.


We do the best for your personal and professional growth.

Annual bonus

Monthly contribution to supplementary pension savings of CZK 1 500

Interest-free loan for housing up to CZK 400,000

Favourable deals for car rental or purchase


As an intern, you have a great opportunity to cooperate with the best professionals in the field. And under our guidance, you can also work on our final thesis.

Internships in škoda


Thanks to our emphasis on employee satisfaction, we always score in surveys measuring employer attractiveness. We appreciate the work our employees do and, as thanks, we try to give them the best working conditions possible.

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Get to know us during your internship

Professional internship of at least three months in ŠKODA AUTO represents a unique opportunity for university students to closely cooperate with our experts from all fields. The gained knowledge may be then useful for final thesis.

What we offer

  • Development of your professional knowledge and skills.
  • Financial remuneration of from CZK 170 - 250 / hour.
  • Valuable and interesting contacts for the future.
  • Professional supervision of final thesis.
  • Meals at reasonable prices and possibility of accommodation.

Who are we looking for

  • Students of full time study at universities or vocational schools.
  • Knowledge of at least one world language (German or English).

For the best interns, we have the Student Talent Program

Any student of university full time study may participate in the internships in ŠKODA AUTO. We offer the special STUDENT TALENT PROGRAM program to the most skilful students, with the potential and motivation to become our internal employee. The Student Talent Program enables the students to develop their knowledge and skills in a big modern company. By this, you become a part of a compact and cooperating group of interns which is continuously moving forward.

We require

  • Full time study of university or vocational school.
  • Minimum three month internship in ŠKODA AUTO and at least 1 year of studies left.
  • Knowledge of English or German at communication level.
  • Initiative, innovative thinking, communicativeness and organisational skills.
  • Ability to solve problems.

We offer

  • Salary evaluation in the amount of CZK 250 per hour.
  • Educational courses and training, meetings with managers and professionals in the field.
  • Opportunity to develop not only in your field, but also in organisational and communication skills.
  • Getting familiar with different ŠKODA AUTO departments.
  • Project work on onboarding, networking and marketing topics.
  • Accommodation in ŠKODA AUTO Dormitory which is fully covered.
  • Priority information from the recruitment centre about vacant internal positions.

Laurin & Klement Prize for final thesis

Choose one of our final thesis topics, or design your own topic and take part in the Laurin & Klement Prize contest. Thanks to it, you can get a job in ŠKODA AUTO, besides other valuable prizes.

The thesis must be

  • Under the guidance of ŠKODA AUTO.
  • Successfully defended in the current school year.
  • In Czech, Slovak, English or German.

Benefits and advantages

  • The winner gets CZK 80,000 and a VIP access to an event sponsored by us.
  • Remuneration of CZK 30,000 for all finalists.



By September
Registering your final thesis




Ceremonial announcement


Thanks to our emphasis on employee satisfaction, we always score in surveys measuring employer attractiveness. We appreciate the work our employees do and, as thanks, we try to give them the best working conditions possible.

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your questions.

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Cooperate on your dissertation with professionals

Our PhD program is really unique within the Czech Republic. For students of postgraduate studies it is a unique opportunity to create their dissertation in cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO experts. Thanks to the PhD program, you easily connect theory to practical skills.

Do you want to take part in a ŠKODA AUTO department operation?

How does a PhD program look like?

  • It is a multi-year development and motivational program for postgraduate students at the university (up to 4 years).
  • Topics of dissertations are provided by ŠKODA AUTO, however, we also offer a possibility to design your own topic.
  • The time fund of the program can be adjusted to you, it is a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • A cooperation agreement will be concluded with you (Work Agreement).
  • It is a paid form of cooperation (CZK 319/hour).

What we offer to you

  • Close cooperation on your dissertation with the best experts in the field.
  • Development of your specialised knowledge and skills during your internship
  • Language courses and specialised training.
  • Meetings with managers.
  • VW Group meetings of postgraduate students.
  • Possibility of being employed at ŠKODA AUTO.

Acceptance to postgraduate study...

At the time of starting the internship, the student must be accepted to PhD studies, or already study at any Czech or Slovak university.

… with language skills,

Advanced knowledge of English or German at level B2 is essential.

… communication and organisational skills,

You will meet other colleagues and representatives of individual departments and share your experience and suggestions together. There will be also meetings all across the VW Group.

… broad knowledge of the field studied.

Interest in the field studied and its broad knowledge is essential for acceptance.

Selection procedures


CV screening










Start of the program

Possibility in case of failure

If you do not pass the Assessment Centre, you can prepare your dissertation by means of a university internship.

List of dissertation topics


Thanks to our emphasis on employee satisfaction, we always score in surveys measuring employer attractiveness. We appreciate the work our employees do and, as thanks, we try to give them the best working conditions possible.


What is the content of the doctoral program?

The doctoral program is tailored to each postgraduate student. The doctoral internship not only covers departmental work but also common networking events, breakfasts with managers and various training events. The doctoral program also includes a VW Group meeting involving postgraduate students from across the Group every year.

Where does the doctoral program take place?

At any ŠKODA AUTO plant in the Czech Republic, according to the current requirements of the specialist departments. Nevertheless, the majority of postgraduate students work in Mladá Boleslav at the company's headquarters.

How many postgraduate students will be accepted this year?

We do not have any limits for the doctoral program. We accept postgraduate applications throughout year.

As a postgraduate student, will I get a part-time or full-time employment contract?

We conclude a performance agreement with postgraduate students at ŠKODA AUTO; it is a part-time job.

What requirements do I need to be accepted on the doctoral program at ŠKODA AUTO?

The main condition is to study a doctoral degree at any Czech or Slovak university, and it is also important to match the internship with the dissertation topic.

Can I participate in the selection procedure while I am still studying for my master’s degree?

Yes, it is possible to sign up for the doctoral program at the end of your master’s studies. After receiving confirmation of acceptance for doctoral studies, you will be accepted on to the doctoral program.

What is the deadline for doctoral applications?

Postgraduate students are accepted on to the program throughout the year.

Is the doctoral program tied to studying at the ŠKODA university?

You can start the doctoral program after being accepted for doctoral studies at any university in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

What happens if I am successful in all rounds of the selection procedure, but I don't graduate university in time?

You can enter the doctoral program after being accepted for doctoral studies. In the meantime, you can start a university internship.

What is the difference between the doctoral program and a university internship?

Within the doctoral program, you will have access to language courses, various training events, meetings with managers, Group meeting of postgraduate students, networking events, and higher hourly rates. Only students holding a postgraduate degree will be accepted to the doctoral program, whereas for university internship students, any degree is accepted.

What kind of employment agreement will I have?

During the onboarding process at ŠKODA AUTO, we will conclude a work agreement with you, which means you may work on average 81.5 hours a month.

What should I do if I am not accepted on to the program, but I am still interested in working at ŠKODA AUTO?

If you do not meet the required criteria for the doctoral program at ŠKODA AUTO, you can start a university internship or you can collaborate with experts from ŠKODA AUTO on your final thesis.

What is the remuneration for a postgraduate student?

Postgraduate students’ hourly rate is CZK 280.

What is the typical career path of postgraduate students after completing the doctoral program?

Postgraduate students often enter their main employment as specialists.

What languages am I going to need at the company?

We expect our postgraduate students to speak English or German at B2 level. Within the doctoral program, there are Group meetings at VW, Audi or Porsche. Therefore, English or German language skills are essential.

Is it possible to start a foreign internship?

Foreign internships are not offered as part of the doctoral program. However, you may have the opportunity to go on business trips within the VW Group.

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