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Development Engineer - EA 211 engine development (m/w)

You are a technology enthusiast intending to participate in developing the engines for the cars of our future? Keen on paying a visit to Scandinavia, India, South America and testing our cars on test tracks as part of your work? Well, if so, we´ve tuned into the same wavelength? At present, we are looking for new development engineers and testing technicians to join our teams. These people will be designing, though chiefly implementing technical solutions not only for Škoda vehicles, but also for the entire group. Get on board with us!


What is your work going to look like?

  • Depending upon the focus, you will be participating in developing aggregates as well as chassis electronics, in assembling aggregates (cooling/testing), exhaust systems, transmissions, chassis, axles and brake systems, implementing engine control systems or various engine parts
  • You will be actively participating in long-term engine tests
  • You will be working with high-end modern technologies and co-designing technical solutions for the next car generation
  • You will be a member in international teams of professionals whom you can draw inspiration from and learn a lot
  • You will be actively participating in the project on a daily basis and communicating with our technical specialists, because at Škoda Auto, teamwork always comes first
  • You will be testing the results of your work on test tracks all over the world, visiting e.g. Scandinavia, Spain, South America, Asia


Technological devices you will be using depending upon the focus of your work post:

  • Working with a 3D program (mainly CATIA or Creo)
  • Modern visualization technology including virtual reality
  • Electronic components diagnostic tools and vehicle bus communication (CANoe, Serial2, Putty, DLT Viewer, …)
  • Simulation tools (SimBox, RestBus, …)
  • Project and office tools
  • You will get the opportunity to verify the results of your work on prototype cars or on specialized test equipment


How does an application development look like?


Our requirements:

  • Enthusiasm for the automotive area as well as for new technological solutions
  • University degree in a technical subject - mechanical or electrotechnical engineering (or secondary school including an vocational internship)
  • Czech B2-C1 level, German or English at least B2 level for daily communication with colleagues and suppliers from abroad, even some of our internal meetings are led in AJ/NJ
  • Show the will to travel abroad (up to 4 times a year) so as to get the opportunity to test the results of your work in practice
  • Believing that a team always represents more than the individual and having confidence in the abilities and knowledge of other colleagues, as your colleagues will trust you as well
  • You needn´t know all modern trends or technologies, but what is important is proving an active interest as well as desire to learn new things
  • We are also keen on welcoming graduates having a high-quality theoretical background overview over this area of expertise who intend to devote themselves to technical development to our positions


What can we provide you with?

  • You want home office sometimes, no problem, you can always arrange this with your superior.
  • You will acquire project methodology skills, technical and technological standards or other skills in the automotive area via edu-courses and training schemes.
  • You will broaden your language skills both via language courses and by using foreign languages on a daily basis when communicating with colleagues or suppliers from abroad.
  • There are offices you will feel really good in. Development centres providing high-end technology for work. 
  • More flexible working hours 7.5 working hours per day. The fixed part of the floating time lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Apart from this, it's up to you whether you are rather an early bird or work prefer working longer until the afternoon.
  • We are providing you the opportunity of a long-term stay abroad (1-2 years), and you can take your family with you. Get new life as well as work experience beyond the Czech Republic. 
  • You will get the opportunity of enhancing your project management skills, acquiring new management skills or brushing up on a foreign language. There are training schemes available for you to help you with these matters. 


Things that will be a great deal of fun for you?

  • There´s an annually paid 13th pay check waiting as a metaphorical thank you for your good work.
  • Furthermore, we are paying out annual bonuses based upon the company's economic performance. Because if we´re successful, we intend to share this success with you.
  • We are contributing to your supplementary pension insurance with CZK 1,600 per month.
  • We are not only considering the Škoda vehicle future, but the future of your family as well. in case of a childbirth, you will get CZK 10,000 from us.
  • We are valuing loyalty and believe in long-term cooperation. There´s a loyalty bonus waiting for you every five years (CZK 1,000 per year of working at our company).
  • 5th vacation week as an extra and it´s purely up to you whether you go to the sea or to the mountains.
  • You will not only get time off for your holiday, but a financial allowance as well. When using our partners’ services, you will be entitled to a contribution of CZK 2,900 per adult / CZK 1,500 per child.
  • Days off at special occasions – wedding, moving house, birth of a child. Because there simply are moments when work can play the second fiddle.
  • You can use your Sodexo card to diversify your leisure time. Treat yourself to some theatre tickets, practice sports or just enjoy some relaxing time in a sauna/wellness facility. There are indeed many options available to you.
  • Choose a meal at our restaurants starting at CZK 40, there are up to 10 meals per day you can choose from.
  • It´s our priority that you be fit and have a strong health, which is why there´s the company internal polyclinic available for our employees.   
  • Škoda car rental for employees at favourable prices plus a discount when buying a new car.
  • Interest-free loan covering an amount of up to CZK 600,000 for housing, renovating your home of for purchasing a new Škoda.

Equal opportunities and equal treatment are key cornerstones of a fair, unprejudiced and open approach.

We offer equal opportunities for everyone.

We do not discriminate or tolerate discrimination on grounds of ethnic or national origin, sex, religion, views, age, disability, sexual orientation, skin color, political views, social background or any other characteristics protected by law. We embrace diversity, actively encourage inclusion and create an environment that fosters each employee’s individuality in the interests of the Company. As a matter of principle, our employees are chosen, hired and supported based on their qualifications and skills.

Škoda also has a more in-depth Diversity&Inclusion page.