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Technical Engineers work across many areas throughout the company, from Technical Development to Logistics to Production. Challenges of technical and organizational nature await them everywhere.

What does a Technical Engineer do?

Imagine that a car composed of components that you created has just got off the line. The feeling is priceless! Become a Development Engineer and shape our cars, from headlights to radiators, chassis and wheels. Or, say, improve the production line and plan production, and streamline automation or logistics. Join us in exploring the possibilities of Industry 4.0. Imagine having the entire Volkswagen Group at your fingertips – a car is the product of a team effort and it is a joy to create.

What abilities should you have?

Reliability, attention to detail, accuracy, communication skills, and a talent for organising. These are all key skills that technicians cannot do without – the entire production process depends on them. What is the result of such precise work? The production of vehicles that bear your signature.

Life at Škoda Auto

Thanks to our emphasis on employee satisfaction, we always score in surveys measuring employer attractiveness. We appreciate the work our employees do and, as thanks, we try to give them the best working conditions possible.

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