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We connect the IT world with automotive. Join us!

IT professionals at ŠKODA AUTO work with cutting-edge technologies on a number of unique projects. ŠKODA IT runs across all departments, and without our IT professionals, not a single car would have gone out of production.

What do IT Specialists do?

An automotive plant without information technology is like a car without the wheels – it won't get far without them. Join us in exploring the possibilities of car customization, advancing automation or designing essential systems for production, the warehouse and our dealer network. You will work with experts from the entire company and the Volkswagen Group. Discover the benefits of the unprecedented connection of expertise. One day, you may be the first person to test a new self-driving car on the road. Let’s not predict the future – let’s create it.

What abilities should you have?

You should be able to communicate quickly and efficiently, keep a cool head, even when an error occurs, follow trends in IT, and have a desire to push the boundaries of human knowledge.

What department or program is right for you?

Employees of our IT department know very well that things that are progressive today will be outdated tomorrow. Therefore, they are constantly developing new and better solutions.

The work of our IT department is built on unique projects - whether it is the development of electric cars where we constantly push the boundaries of the automotive industry, or work with virtual reality where we are among the technology leaders throughout Europe. Furthermore, ŠKODA IT tracks can be found in almost every department – from technical development to production to sales or employee care.


From the first drawing to the final tests. This is how we would describe the work of Technical Development, which plays a significant role in the creation of each new ŠKODA AUTO model.

The backbone of the entire department are teams of enthusiastic professionals, who deal with the various stages of car development. Whether it is the initial assignment, planning, design, conceptual or actual development, or final crash and other various tests – we always use cutting-edge processes and technologies.


This department is responsible for making the production of each model as smooth as possible. It all starts with the logistics of individual materials, parts and components and ends with their assembly and installation. That is not all, though.

The year 2015 saw ŠKODA AUTO create the first Industry 4.0- focused job position in the Production & Logistics area, and the Company continues digitising the whole department. We design and implement new technologies for vehicle electronics activation while transferring outputs of extensive analyses to vehicle assembly operations, as well as, for example, to processes that take place in our new paint shop. We are proud to be using state-of-the-art technologies while constantly creating new positions that cover a really wide range of applications in various fields of expertise.


We offer university graduates an annual international Trainee Program during which they will gain valuable work experience, and much more.

During the winter and summer semester, Trainees will see how one of the most modern companies in the Czech Republic works. This is a great start to their career, especially for those who have not yet decided which area they would like to specialize in. Trainees will try out work across different departments and they can look forward to internships abroad as well.


University students can work with us during their studies - as part of their internship or when writing a final thesis.

There is nothing better than testing out a theory in practice. This is what makes the internship a great opportunity for students to experience firsthand what it is like to work for a company like ŠKODA AUTO. Cooperating with the best in the field brings not only valuable contacts, but also practical experience, which students can then put to good use when writing their final thesis.


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