We are looking for the potential and strength of the market. Be there for it, too!

Marketing Specialists and Economists at Škoda Auto are connected by more than just data and numbers. It is mainly their effort for the development of the entire company in a way that would fulfil its market potential as much as possible.

What do Marketers with an overlap into business do?

Are you every inch a trader who is not afraid of even the biggest business challenges? Help us build a stable company that is always one step ahead. Devise marketing strategies and events, shape our product marketing, build online and offline campaigns, or participate in our HR and PR activities. Because we have to sell our work, we also need financial experts who understand everything from accounting to taxes. You can also work with importers or the dealer network and let the whole world know about us. We want to be seen and heard – show us how to do it better.

What abilities should you have?

You must to be able to stand behind your ideas and suggestions, have a soft spot for the brand, and be imaginative. If you have a head full of ideas, you will get a chance to turn them into reality.

Life at Škoda Auto

Thanks to our emphasis on employee satisfaction, we always score in surveys measuring employer attractiveness. We appreciate the work our employees do and, as thanks, we try to give them the best working conditions possible.

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