We create the world of Škoda Auto. Be there for it, too! Join us!

Škoda offers many different sectors, departments and, above all, a wide scope of career opportunities and growth for many different professions – from firefighters to English teachers to lawyers or even doctors.

Which career opportunities can you find here?

We always put our employees first. It is one of the main reasons why we are able to work as one big family and build the Škoda Auto world together. It allows us to provide all our employees with modern, stable, and necessary working facilities, which is why you can find firefighters, lawyers, doctors or even engine drivers here. They are all an indispensable part of this company, and thanks to their efforts Škoda is able to perform so well. In addition to stable and high-quality facilities, we also have a number of different benefits for everyone, which will bring a lot more joy not only to working, but more importantly to leisure time.

The world of Škoda Auto grows bigger every day. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for new colleagues from various professions. Škoda truly can offer a career to nearly everyone. Be there for it, too!

Life at Škoda Auto

Thanks to our emphasis on employee satisfaction, we always score in surveys measuring employer attractiveness. We appreciate the work our employees do and, as thanks, we try to give them the best working conditions possible.

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